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About Trident

Trident is a three pronged approach to plant defect management. Trident can be used in places like factories, malls, letting agencies, hospitals, holiday parks, etc. There are three users of the system. They are:-

  1. The Reporter
  2. The Controller
  3. The Fixer

The Reporter

The Reporter will find a defect and report it to Trident. This can be via an app, which is a free download for iOS or Android. Defects can also be reported via a web interface. A photo showing the defect can also be uploaded.

The controller

The controller can view the database and dispatch the job to one of the fixers. This can be done via an app or from a web interface. When a job is dispatched a message will be sent to the Reporter.

The Fixer

The Fixer will receive a message to say a job has been assigned to them. This can be on a mobile app or web interface. the Fixer will then make good the repair and mark the job as completed. A message will then be sent to the Controller and the Reporter. The message will also contain a description of the repair.



Off the shelf product. Includes installation and testing.
Standard apps can be downloaded for free and used for each user type.


Taylored to suit your business. Design templates for apps, input forms and database.

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